Childminding Networks

NICMA’s Childminding Networks are responsible for managing Networks of Childminders within their SureStart projects.

Joanna Legg

Childminding Network Co-ordinator for SureStart Shantallow in Londonderry

Email Address Phone Number077 5981 6933 Phone Number028 7135 6110
Joanna recruits/mentors/supports and advises Childminders, giving them access to free training, a weekly drop-in and a monthly support group. She also advises/supports parents. As an ex-Childminder Joanna believes that she is reducing the solitude experienced by Childminders.

Tina McKeown

Childminding Network Co-ordinator for GOLD SureStart, Cookstown

Email Address Phone Number028 8676 9994
Tina provides advice, support and mentoring to Childminders as well as trying to recruit them, especially unregistered ones!  As an ex-Childminder who loved the profession Tina hopes that she is bringing a little support to a profession often overlooked by many as "just" a Childminder!!!!