Promoting Children’s Emotional Well-being

Estimates vary, but research suggests that 20% of children have a mental health problem in any given year, and about 10% at any one time. It is therefore essential that all early years practitioners promote children’s emotional well-being and provide experiences to support children and enable them to develop a positive sense of themselves.  

This 6 hour course has been designed to encourage early year’s practitioners to recognise and value the emotional well-being of young children.  Emotional well-being is an area that tends to receive less recognition than the other areas of development so this course will enable practitioners to recognise the foundation that emotional well-being establishes for children’s later growth and development. 

Practitioners will learn how to provide an emotionally safe and consistent environment which is underpinned by honesty, trust and openness.  They will learn how to value children unconditionally, encourage them to express and control their feelings and how to help them become effective learners.  

By attending this training learners will:

    •     Explore the definition of emotional well-being.
    •     Explore how you recognise and manage your own feelings.
    •     Explore the ego states which dictate a person’s way of behaving, thinking and feeling.
    •     Understand how to help children manage their own feelings.
    •     Develop an understanding of the importance of early experiences in relation to mental health.
    •     Understand how to link theory to practice.
    •     Understand the benefits of therapeutic storytelling
    •     Explore the use of creative visualisation
£30.00 Members Information
£45.00 Non-members