Approved home childcarers scheme

Become a Childminder
From April 2006 a new form of approved childcare was introduced, which takes place in the parent’s home – the Approved Home Childcarer.  Parents using Approved Home Childcarers will be able to receive support with the costs through the Tax Credit system or childcare vouchers.  It is a voluntary approval scheme for Childcarers not already registered and inspected by Health and Social Care Trusts.

What is an approved Home CHildcarer? - The facts

  • An ‘Approved Home Childcarer’ is a form of approved childcare introduced by the Government to allow parents to have approved childcare in their own home and claim help towards the cost
  • Status of Approved Home Childcarer: usually employee of families
  • A relative of the family can not become an Approved Home Childcarer
  • A currently registered Childminder will only go through the approval automatically if they have:
    1. First Aid Certificate
    2. Evidence of having attending a basic induction course or hold a relevant qualification
    3. The policy checks would only be done again if they had a change of circumstances, had a break in their position as a Childminder or their checks are three years old

What are the criteria for approval?

That an Approved Home Childcarer:
  • Is 18 or over
  • has obtained a suitable qualification, which will be specified in a list maintained by the Department of Health, or has attended a basic induction course of training in the care of children
  • Has obtained a relevant paediatric first aid certificate; and
  • Does not have a history which renders him/her unsuitable to work with or have unsupervised access to children

What can nicma offer approved home childcarers?

  • The support of a professional childcare organisation with 30 years’ experience of developing and supporting home-based childcare
  • A Membership Package similar to that available for registered Childminders
  • Insurance protection
  • Access to Information & Advice helpline
  • Access to tailor made training
  • Access to a central vacancy database to match the Approved Home Childcarer with families
  • Vacancy details included in our ‘On-line’ vacancy service

nicma approved home childcarers membership package

  • Pack of information to support Home Childcarers, including:
    • Membership certificate
    • Child’s Personal record form
    • Insurance schedule
    • Terms and conditions checklist
    • Frequently asked questions
    • Subsidised publications
  • Training
    • Core Training in Health & Safety and Safeguarding Children
    • Support, advice and subsidies on training opportunities
    • Range of training courses to enhance childcare practice
  • Approved Home Childcarer Insurance Cover
    • Public liability to the value of 5 million for the accidental injury/death of any child in their care
    • Legal Expenses cover of approximately £100,000 for defence of any criminal prosecution arising from normal Approved Home Childcarer’s duties and responsibilities
    • Free legal advice

If you meet the above criteria for approval you can find out more by referring to “Being an Approved Home Childcarer:  a Guide for Home Childcarers” and downloading an application form: