Childminding Development

Become a Childminder

NICMA’s Childminding Development Officers work across Northern Ireland to promote quality home based childcare for the benefit of children, families and communities. Full list of duties below…

  1. To promote childminding provision throughout the trust area by:

    • Identifying and monitor current childminding provision including comparisons & trends
    • Identifying areas of low childminding provision and issues with supply & demand
    • Promoting childminding as a career, especially in areas of additional provision
    • Issuing information packs, set up information events and highlight local childminding services
  2. To support prospective childminders through pre-registration briefing sessions in partnership with the trust by:

    • Facilitating Briefing sessions according to need
    • Offering follow-on support provided to individuals going through the registration process
  3. To support currently registered childminders by:

    • Promoting NICMA membership and services to all childminders
    • Making contact with new members
    • Facilitating and support the development of Childminding Support/Buddy Groups
    • Supporting individual childminders
  4. To provide a local childminding information and advice service by:

    • Providing information and advice to Childminders including business support.
    • Providing information to parents seeking a registered Childminder
  5. To improve and enhance the quality of childminding provision by:

    • Identifying need and provide workshops and training for childminders both pre and post registration.
    • Working to support the implementation of Minimum Standards.
    • Promoting the Level 2 Certificate in Childminding Practice (NI) and the Level 3 Diploma for Children’s Care, Learning and Development.
  6. To represent childminding in the community by:

    • Promoting childminding as a career option and raise awareness of quality childminding services by attending conferences, seminars, holding information events, giving presentations and attending career events.
    • Organising events to promote registered childminding during NICMA Childminding Week
  7. To work in partnership with relevant statutory agencies, community and voluntary groups to promote the benefits of registered home based childcare, identify areas of need and opportunities for development by:

    • Attending meetings with Trust Early Years Teams and community and voluntary groups, including Sure Start and Locality Groups in order to identify areas of need and opportunities for development.