Promoting Positive Behaviour in the Early Years

Standard 6: Promoting Positive Behaviour in the Childminding and Day Care for Children Under Age 12 Minimum Standards (DHSSPSNI, 2012) states that within all early years settings:
“There is consistency in the use of positive strategies to establish acceptable patterns of behaviour and to promote children’s wellbeing, self-esteem and development.”
All early years practitioners will sometimes have problems with children’s behaviour. This is because all children go through stages of social, emotional and behavioural development and have specific needs to be met as they grow up. Children are not born pre-programmed to behave in a way that is acceptable to society.  As they grow and develop they gradually begin to understand the rules of acceptable behaviour.  However, this does not happen without adult support so it is therefore important that childminders understand their role in helping children to learn appropriate behaviour. 
This 3 hour workshop will enable childminders to understand the types of challenging behaviour that children may display and the reasons behind this.  It is designed to support childminders in selecting, adopting, adapting and reviewing behaviour management strategies which they use as part of their practice. 
By attending this workshop learners will:
  • Understand minimum standard requirements for the quality of care in promoting positive behaviour
  • Explore the types of challenging behaviour in children
  • Consider factors that cause unwanted behaviour
  • Explain how adults can inadvertently cause negative behaviour in children
  • Explore strategies for managing children’s behaviour
  • Understand the importance of promoting  children’s self esteem
  • Appreciate the importance of working with parents to ensure an agreed and consistent approach to managing children’s behaviour

All those who attend this training will receive a FREE ‘PROMOTING POSITIVE BEHAVIOUR IN THE EARLY YEARS’ booklet


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£25.00 Non-members