Promoting Inclusion and Diversity in the Early Years Setting

Teaching young children to overcome bias and challenge prejudice is a process that must start with early years practitioners reflecting on their own attitudes.  They need to ensure that every child feels included in their setting and not disadvantaged because of ethnicity, culture or religion, home language, family background, learning difficulties or disabilities, gender or ability.  We are all products of our own experiences and have our own values and beliefs.  Sometimes as adults we can unintentionally perpetuate these beliefs and attitudes on to others.  Young children are like sponges; they absorb the attitudes and values of adults, peers and environments they come into contact with and usually reveal this in the way they behave towards others.  It is therefore important that early years practitioners ensure that their settings promote inclusion and diversity.  They need to be prepared to welcome children and families with a range of abilities, backgrounds and personalities and to respect the rights of every child to be able to develop their abilities and talents so they can make a full contribution to society later in life.
The aim of this 3 hour training workshop is to encourage early years practitioners to explore the meaning of inclusion and diversity and consider how this impacts on their practice. They will learn how to develop a welcoming ethos within their setting for parents and children and understand their own roles and responsibilities in providing suitable resources that will support all children’s learning and development regardless of their ability or background.
By attending this workshop learners will:
  • explore the meaning of inclusion and diversity;
  • understand the importance of policies and principles of good practice;
  • identify the barriers and challenges of inclusive play;
  • understand how to challenge prejudice and discrimination in the early years setting;
  • explain the importance of consulting with children;
  • create and sustain an inclusive early years setting; and
  • explore the play activities and experiences to support inclusion and diversity.
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£25.00 Non-members