Promoting Speech, Language & Communication in the Early Years Setting

Most of us view ourselves as effective communicators and assume that developing fluent speech, language and communication skills just happens naturally.  What we need to remember is that babies and children need adult support to enable them to develop into confident and effective communicators. Early years practitioners need to be aware of the need to simplify the language they use in terms of vocabulary, sentence length and complexity, when compared to speaking to young children.  They need to provide sufficient response time for children during play and interaction and make use of symbols and gestures to support language development whenever appropriate and support children’s attention and listening skills

This 3 hour training course explores the definition of speech, language and communication and looks at how it impacts on children’s overall development. It is designed to support early years practitioners in reviewing current practice and will explore practical ways in which they can support the communication skills of the children in their care.

By attending this workshop learners will:
  • understand the importance of speech, language and communication for children’s overall development;
  • explore the barriers to effective communication and how to overcome them;
  • gain a basic understanding of developmental milestones relating to speech and language development;
  • appreciate the importance of working with parents to ensure an agreed and consistent approach; and
  • develop an understanding of practical ways to support the speech and language development of children using a range of everyday and inexpensive activities.
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£25.00 Non-members