Working in Partnership with Parents in the Early Years Setting

Good quality working relationships between early years settings and parents are crucial.  Successful relationships become partnerships when there is a two way communication; where parents and practitioners listen to each other’s views to achieve the best outcomes for each child.  Different stages of development can cause stress and tensions for parents therefore by listening to parents practitioners can share their expertise and offer advice and assistance to help parents and children manage these emotionally charged times with ease.  When good relationships are developed communication will flow backwards and forwards between the setting and the parents.  This continuity will allow practitioners to really get to know children and enable planning to take place which meets the individual needs of each child.
This 3 hour training workshop will equip learners with the knowledge and skills to create and maintain an effective partnership with parents.

By attending this workshop learners will:
  • explore what is meant by the term “Working in Partnership with Parents” and identify reasons why partnerships are important;
  • understand the characteristics of effective partnership working with parents/guardians involved in the care of their children;
  • gain an understanding of how partnership with parents are developed and sustained;
  • explore and describe barriers to partnership working within your daily work; and
  • identify and describe essential written records that must be stored within the setting regarding the children in their care.
£15.00 Members Information
£25.00 Non-members