I originally came from an engineering background for 8 years and changed career due to the shift work not suiting my family lifestyle.   I then spent 3 years in the catering industry due to my love of cooking.  My hours in my catering job were cut down to part –time which gave me a chance to register as a Childminders Assistant and work with my wife part time. After a while my wife decided to change career and go into full time employment meaning I was working on my own, allowing me to do it full-time and be my only job. The feedback has always been really positive and many families have said they would like to see more males in caring roles. I have never struggled to get work.  I think that this is due to some of our families being with us from when my wife started out right through to the present day.  They have helped keep me busy through recommending me by word of mouth.   Other families have come on board and found the thought of a male childminder quite novel.I enjoy playing with the children and sparking their imagination. I also enjoy the relationships that I build with the families, especially those that have had several children over time. I have one family that has had 2 children with me and has registered their youngest with me to start in August.   The main benefit to my family, in having a male childminder, is as a single parent, my sons have a stable male influence in their life (quote from a parent). Other men should definitely consider a childminder as a job. Society is definitely changing and many families would be glad to see an increase in males in the childcare sector.  I love my job and it helps me to balance work and family life a lot easier.