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NICMA Membership Application Form
NICMA Membership Application 
(Western HSCT)


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Information Icon You must be a fully registered childminder in Northern Ireland (you will need to provide proof of your registration i.e a copy of your registration certificate or letter from your registering trust)

1) About You

Should you provide a mobile number we will text you important information about your membership.

Please check if you would like to receive updates by email relating to policies, training courses or other membership services

Please check if you are happy to receive information by text (including events in your area)
Please note that this information will be used for statistical purposes only
If you purchased NICMA policies online please state the date on which you purchased them.

2) Your Childminding Environment

Please refer to your registration documents.

If none please state "0"
If none please state "0"
If none please state "0"
If none please state "0"

3) Your Application

(if no, your name will not be given out to parents by NICMA and your web profile will not be displayed on NICMA’s website)
Declaration *
By ticking this box you declare that the attached registration certificate is currently valid and that you have not been issued with amendment. You will forward any amended certificate to NICMA should the need arise and you will notify NICMA if any registration becomes invalid during your membership year. You also agree to the terms and conditions regsrding the use of your personal data as outlined in NICMAs Privacy Policy

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